Fever Of Youth - Editorial

The untamed imagination of the young is the inspiration for our editorial with photographer and creative director, Simon Schmidt, aka OWOI. Curiosity and adventure and the unadulterated freedom of a six week summer.

Did you filter who you were? Do you still?


Simon Schmidt is the young and creative mind behind OWOI, a culture platform exposing fashion and digital creativity. Simon considers himself a visual artist, using the muscles of photography, styling and creative direction to express himself. The three fundamental pillars of his work are curisoity, naivety and rebellion. As a generation that is tired of populism and commercialism, we aspire to a society of diversity and integration. Simon's platform OWOI is building a community based on collaboration. Collaboration is open, it is a mindset that is free and for everyone.

Simon is obsessively interested in everything and believes in the beauty of imperfection. 

'The internet allows us to do anything that we want to do, it is just up to us how to do it.'

Enjoy the images above, and check the edit below. See the other half of the editorial over on our womens page.

For more about Simon, visit his website HERE.

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