AIDA Spotlight On Boskke

How does your garden grow? From the ceiling? Well yes, yes it does actually.


Here at AIDA, we are celebrating the start of the Shoreditch Design Triangle with an installation from the heroes of urban gardening, ‘Boskke’. The name means ‘Little Forest’ in Old English, and they’re sure bringing that to the store this month with their range of Sky Planters, Cube plant stands, Totem water filtration systems and Flipped plant pots.

Passionate about improving quality of life for people by adding a little green to our workplaces and homes, Boskke are bringing leafy loveliness to AIDA  with products that ‘understand the challenges of urban living’.


We will be showcasing:


Sky Planter (Recycled)

No floor space required for this baby. The Sky Planter is made from recycled plastic, so it’s a winner from the start. Its internal Slo-Flo irrigation system meters out the water needed for your plant for up to two weeks between refills. It’s non drip, with a ceiling hook included and uses standard potting soil.

Recommended for use with Anthurium, Orchids, Cheese Plants and Pothos.



Inspired by the way un-used pots are often stacked upside down, the Flipped pot outer shell works as a water reservoir that uses Slo-Flo technology to bring moisture to your plants for up to two weeks at a time. Beautiful, functional, and it can be used for all kinds of flora and fauna.



For those who don’t want the angst of trying to remember to water their plants regularly amidst a hectic lifestyle - the solution is here. Designed with an angular profile to stand in contrast to the organic shapes of leaves, the Totem slots into your pot and uses Slo-Flo technology to water your plants little by little for up to one week.


If you’re the kind of person who likes to see all the inner workings of the soil and roots, the Boskke cube is perfect. Using their Slo-Flo irrigation system, it only needs re-filling every couple of weeks and voilà! You can see all that goes on beneath the surface of your plants.


We will be open from the 15th September, 10.30am - 7pm Monday-Saturday and 12pm-6pm Sunday.

Special Late Night Tuesday 18th / 10.30am - 8pm

Come and get a little greenery in your life.

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